This is a sports event in which you can visit nearby area of DMZ in person,
and share the peaceful vision of DMZ on site.


"DMZ 155-mile walk" invites you to courses that are hardly accesible including Peace Nuri-gil, DMZ Peace Road, DMZ Civil Control Line, and neutral waters at the mouth of the Han River.

“Tour de DMZ Bicycle Competition” runs from Yeoncheon (Gyeonggi) to Cheorwon (Gangwon) as a course where visitors can experience the nature of the DMZ, and both experts and ordinary people can participate in the competitive and non-competitive course.

“Peace&Unification Marathon” offers a special experience of running an internal course on the Civilian Control Line, which is difficult for the general public to enter. With various experience contents, a course tailored to participants and safe competition are waiting for you.

※ The contents may be changed depending on the military consultation.
※ All the events thoroughly comply with the Covid-19 prevention guidelines and prioritize the safety of participants. Depending on the quarantine situation, the event may be changed or canceled.


Event Period Place
DMZ 155-mile walk 9.4. ~ 9. 26. 155 miles near DMZ in Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do (province)
Tour de DMZ Bicycle competition 9. 25. Yeoncheon city, Gyeonggi-do to Cheorwon county, Gangwon-do
Peace&Unification Marathon 10. 2. or 10. 3 Imjingak Peace Nuri Area, Paju city, Gyeonggi-do