IVAAIU City is a new media creator group based in Seoul and Tokyo. The idea of this group was developed in 2013 from the thesis of the same title, [IVAAIU Urban Instrument: Hyper-Complex Civic Monument], written by Donguk Lee, the director of the group. The group engages in projects for designing future cities by integrating six different media (Idea – Visual – Audio – Architecture – Infrastructure – Urbanism). The group has been working on various formats, including new media installations, audio-visual performances, new structural system designs, and future city planning. Currently, IVAAIU City is composed of five artists/designers from various genres, including Donguk Lee, a city planner/architect/musician; Yangho Shin, a visual artist/stage director; Sungsu Park, a new media architect; Hancheol So, an architect; and Hiroto Takeuchi, a sound designer. The group aims to align contemporary technologies and artistic ideals to create a new kind of urbanism through interdisciplinary projects.

Work introduction

Work description

“Interplanetary Light Code” is an experimental language system and new media land art project initiated by IVAAIU City. This project is to encode text characters into standardized physical structure compositions and light sequences. This light structure language system will be used as a device for interplanetary communication during space travel, and is configured so that human beings can receive messages visually through this system even if they are located far from the surface of the Earth or other planets. Huge messages covered on the land help new exploration and future of mankind. Reflecting the specificity of the place, Model 3 installed at the Imjingak Pavilion through Peace Arts Festival has been reconstructed to make peace messages cross the atmosphere as well as the land at the same time. The visitors are able to transmit peace messages encoded in the form of light to the sky and the earth through the three antenna structures. The rather superficial and ambiguous story of ‘peace’ is replaced with an intuitive lighting signal to induce mutual communication. The artist points out that the peace message delivered to the sky and the earth, or to someone is a communication to be shared together with an unspecified number of people, arising from the ambiguity of the target.