GOVERNOR Greetings

  • 도지사사진
  • “Please join us on the road to greater peace.”

    It is my pleasure to welcome the 13.9 million residents of Gyeonggi-do.
    Although two-and-a-half years have passed, the COVID-19 pandemic is still shaking our daily lives.

    Our Province of Gyeonggi, which faces North Korea across the DMZ, is in more desperate need of eased military tensions and peaceful coexistence than any other region.

    However, the torrential rains and casualties in August that occurred amid global climate disasters such as heat waves, wildfires, floods, and infectious diseases make us realize that peace means more than just the absence of war.

    I believe the DMZ is inspiring some of these concerns in Gyeonggi-do. The DMZ, which was completely destroyed by the ravages of war, has been reborn as a treasure trove of biodiversity through 70 years of self-healing. This miracle contributes a powerful message to our search for greater peace.

    Celebrating its 4th anniversary this year, 2022 Let’s DMZ is a comprehensive festival marking “a new beginning for greater peace.” From September 16 to October 30, we will hold various events, including the DMZ Forum, DMZ Concert, exhibitions, and the DMZ Run (a variety of sports events) in the Imjingak and DMZ areas. This year, we prepared Let’s DMZ as a festival of hope that sends the message of greater peace, coexistence, and diversity.

    We ask for your interest and participation in Gyeonggi-do’s steps toward greater peace.

    August 2022
    DONG YEON KIM Governor of Gyeonggi-do